Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club

Program Overview

Cross-country skiing is a lifelong sport suitable for people of all ages and abilities. This sport is fun, low impact, uses all of the body's major muscle groups and develops a healthy cardiovascular system. In Canada, most children learn to cross-country ski through the Skills Development Program. The main component of this is the Jackrabbit Program, named after the legendary Hermann "Jackrabbit" Smith-Johannsen - a Norwegian immigrant that lived and skied to the tender age of 112. Many of our recent Olympic stars, including Beckie Scott and Sarah Renner, got their start in their local Jackrabbit program.

The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club ski programs consist of Cross Country Canada's Skills Development Program for young children (starting at age 4) and recreational and racing programs for teenagers, which is based on Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development model. The diagram below summarizes our program structure:

Skill Development Programs

The Skills Development Program consists of three subprograms - Jackbunny, Jackrabbit (levels 1 to 4) and Track Attack. See the Registration Guide to help you decide on the appropriate Skills Development Program for your child.

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The Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club places children by both skill level and age. The age ranges listed above are flexible to some extent as various factors related to each child are taken into account. During the first session there is the opportunity for coaches to move the child to a more appropriate group if an incorrect placement has been made.

For some further details on the Skills Development Program, click here.

Teen Programs

The teen programs have been divided into three subgroups in order to cater to the diverse interests that develop during these years. For those that enjoy skiing and perhaps want to eventually start doing some backcountry skiing, we offer our Adventurers program. For those teens that enjoy competing, we have two options. The Racing Teens is an introduction to skiing fast and competing that takes into account that youth may be involved in several other activities. Performance Racing is for those that want to dedicate themselves more to being a top-level competitive skier, offering a year-round program. We also offer the opportunity for those graduating from high school to continue racing with the club.

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The club encourages those graduating from the program to stay on with the club as coaches.

Adult Programs

The club offers an Adult/Masters Program for those adults (19+) that are at an intermediate or advanced skiing level. It is directed at those interested in refining their technique, improving their fitness level, skiing in a team environment and perhaps even entering a race/loppet or two. Beginners adult skiers should contact Cypress Mountain regarding lessons. We encourage families to learn and ski together! This program is currently on hold until we find a qualified coach.