Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club

Rabbits: Age 6-9

The Jackrabbit program will be offered on weekends during three different time slots: Saturday AM, Sunday AM and Sunday PM. Each session will have a duration of 2½ hours with a hot chocolate break provided at Hollyburn Lodge. The morning session commences at 9:00 a.m. and the afternoon session at 1:00 p.m. For levels 3 and 4, an additional mid-week session will be offered. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend this mid-week session in order to receive the most benefit from the program. There will be no fee reduction if the participant does not attend the mid-week session. The focus of this session will be to ski and play games. The structure and groupings are less formal than on weekends with the main objective being to provide an opportunity for the children to ski twice a week. This additional session will be offered during the evening (6:30-7:45 p.m.) on Wednesday and Thursday to provide maximum flexibility to families.

Registration should be performed first by skill level and the second by age (see the Registration Guide). The session coordinators will create preliminary groupings and review these groupings with the coaches during the Jackrabbit Coaches' Meeting. At the first session, all of the mid level groups will ski together until hot chocolate break. At this break, the coaches will review and readjust their groups accordingly.

A brief description of the individual skill levels of the Jackrabbit program is listed below. 

Level 1 Most of these skills will be learned without poles: Rising and falling on hills, introduction to diagonal stride, herringbone step up gentle slopes, snowplow braking and trail safety.
Level 2 Poles will be used when learning and practising most of the following skills: diagonal step with increased emphasis on gliding, double poling, herringbone step up moderate slopes, free glide down moderate hills while holding poles, kick turns, snowplow stops and snowplow turns.
Level 3 Poles will be used during most of these session: Diagonal stride emphasizing weight shift and use of poles, one step double poling, double poling more effectively, free skate, downhill tuck, diagonal skate, kick turns and skate turns. As skating skills are introduced in this level, children will need to have ski boots that provide some ankle support and are compatible with Salomon bindings so that they can use club skate skis for some skating sessions.
Level 4 One step double poling, free skate, one skate, two skate, step turns, parallel side stepping, offset skating, refinement of diagonal stride technique. Coaching will also include an introduction to ski waxing.

Coaches in the Jackrabbit program have completed the ICC and CC workshops.