Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club

Track Attack: Age 10-12, and 9 & 13 on an individual basis

The Program schedule offers a quick overview of the important dates.

The Track Attack program will be offered Saturday AM and Sunday AM only. There will be no afternoon sessions offered for Track Attack. Each session will have a duration of approximately 2 1/2 hours and the start time will be 9:00 a.m. A weeknight ski will also be offered on Wednesday and Thursday nights and it will have a duration of 1¼ hours and will commence at 6:30 p.m. The season will begin as soon as there is sufficient snow and weeknight skiing will begin as soon as Cypress Mountain begins night operations.

The off-season activities will consist of dryland sessions in the spring and fall. The focus of these sessions is on fun through games, activities and age-appropriate training circuits/stations while following the guidelines of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) guidelines and the Track Attack Booklet.  If sufficient coaches are available, there will be a regular weekly or biweekly fall sessions for the Track Attack kids. Occasionally, this group could join the Teen groups for special activities such as orienteering.

The Track Attack program is designed for athletes from 10 to 12 years of age. Nine-year-olds are admitted into this program if their skills are more suitable to the Track Attack level. There is also the option for 13-year-olds to remain in the Track Attack program for one additional year if their peer group is of Track Attack age as this would ensure a strong social component is maintained.

For those Track Attack children who are very keen on racing, there will be the opportunity to attend an additional weeknight session to provide some contact with the Racing Teens. The Coast Cup races and Midget Championships are the best exposure to racing for this age group while some may even want to experience BC Cup races as well. Quite typically a Track Attack coach will be in attendance at the races to help with waxing, race preparation, and other coaching activities.

Coaches in the Track Attack program have either completed Level 2 NCCP certification or the LTT Dryland and LTT On-Snow workshops.

Have a look at the Track Attack FAQs for further details.

Beginner Skiers Aged 9 to 13

We ask that all older beginner skiers take a Christmas kids camp with Cypress so that they have the basic skills (herringbone, snowplow, snowplow stop and turn, basic diagonal stride) as they start with the Skill Development Program sessions. The club also requests that older skiers register during a specific session so that they can be grouped together and so that coaches can tailor the program to an entire group of beginners. Children have a much better experience if they can ski with their peers.