Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club



Coaching is a rewarding way to participate with the club. Some of the many benefits include:

  • Early registration
  • Registration discount
  • Free coaching training
  • Free skills sessions
  • Volunteer appreciation evening at end of season
  • Discounted weekend session passes and rental

We will make every effort to place new coaches with experienced coaches. Coaches have a great time meeting and working with other coaches. And there is nothing more fulfilling than teaching children new skills and watching them grow over the season while they have a great time!

Commitments - 2016/17 Season

If you are interested in coaching with the club, some basic cross country skiing skills are required. This includes knowing how to ski the classic technique (diagonal stride), double pole, snow plow and ski comfortably up and down hills. Although the ability to skate ski is also desirable, it is not an absolute necessity since new coaches do receive some training with that technique. Coaches will be expected to teach and demonstrate both techniques.

Although we will attempt to place you with the age group that you request to coach, you are expected to coach the group that you are assigned. You will however only be assigned to coach during the session that you have requested (generally the same as the session that your child participates in our program). If you have a first-year Bunny (aged 4 or 5), keep in mind that at least one non-coaching parent must ski with that child; you cannot coach if you are the parent skiing with your child.

Those volunteering as a Skills Development Program coach for the 2016/17 season are expected to commit to the following (refer to Calendar for course details):

  • Introduction to Community Coaching (ICC) workshop, for new coaches only.
  • Community Coaching (CC) workshop, for new coaches only.
  • Track Attack coaches meeting and Social (Track Attack coaches only). 
  • Jackrabbit/bunny coaches organizational meeting (Jackrabbit/bunny coaches with session coordinators only). 
  • Preseason training day. 
  • Twelve Jackrabbit or Bunny program sessions (Dec 3, 2016 to Mar 5, 2017) of your selected day/time, includes a session at Whistler Olympic Park on January 21 or 22 (Coast Cup #2 or #3). 

You sign up as a volunteer coach as part of the registration process when you register your children. Our Coaching Coordinator will follow up with you regarding the workshops and training.

Jackrabbit level 3/4 and Track Attack coaches are no longer expected to commit to both a weekend and weeknight session. However, occasionally helping at other sessions when another coach has a conflict would be appreciated.


Paid Student Coaches

Hollyburn Cross Country Ski Club is looking to hire teenage coaches for this winter!
You must be at least 14 years old, be able to take the training courses before December 3, 2016 (see commitments above) and be available to coach all eleven sessions. Please refer to Student Coaches Contract for details.
Just sign up as a volunteer to coach by a specific session when you register for your own ski program and select the option to register as a Paid Student Coach.

Applications are being accepted for teenagers to coach Hollyburn Cross Country Ski groups:
Successful applicants must:

  • have successfully completed the ICC and CCC program by the time the season begins
  • demonstrate excellent skate and classic technique at all times
  • develop good ski skills in a fun environment
  • commit to coaching the full ten sessions including supporting the skiers at Coast Cup 2 and 3 with warm ups, race course preparation, waxing and fun warm down and activities after the race
  • work cooperatively with other coaches, co-coaches  and coordinators
  • communicate well ahead of time to the coordinator in the event of a conflict and arrange a back-up coach
  • take leadership to manage skill levels within the group and communicate with other coaches and coordinator if a skier would fit better in a different group


  • First year teen coaches: $12 per hour
  • Second year teen coaches: $14 per hour
  • Third year and above: $16 per hour

We expect coaches to attend each of their sessions, and if they must miss one or two sessions, to contact other coaches, the Session Coordinator and their partner to ensure they have a replacement.

New coaches are partnered with experienced coaches whenever possible. The season for Track Attack coaches starts as soon as Cypress Cross Country opens for skiing.

Coaches not fulfilling these commitments will not be allowed to coach in future seasons (arrangements can be made if you need to miss one or at most two program sessions). See the Coaching and Courses Schedule for further details and a calendar that includes other advanced coaching courses. There may be coaching courses offered on alternative dates in neighbouring communities. See the Cross Country B.C. Course Schedule for a full course offering listing.

The club requests references for new coaches and will review all new coach applications. The coaching coordinator will contact coaches after registration has closed regarding training and other related activities. All coaches will be required to complete a criminal record check (any related fees are covered by the club).

Note that coaches will not be assigned to coach their own children, and if you are a parent that is skiing with a bunny, you cannot also coach.

Since we base our registration numbers on the numbers of coaches volunteering, anybody withdrawing as a coach after committing to do so can expect their family's registration to be cancelled (with the ensuant 15% fee on the refund). The Club reserves the right to decline an individual's request to return as a coach if it has been determined that, in prior years, they did not meet the commitments expected of them, as outlined above.